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Collecting the Best of the Web with Snip.it

True company Snip.it launched a beautifully revamped website yesterday, elevating what was already a great content sharing experience to a magical one. The Snip.it web application allows users to “snip,” comment on and share articles and content from across the web in a pleasingly visual grid. And with upgrades across the board, the Snip.it user experience is now faster, better designed and more social—users can not only share their snips among other social media sites, but also track those snips’ views and popularity.

True first invested in Snip.it in July 2011, and we couldn’t be more supportive of Founder Ramy Adeeb and his brilliant vision for the future of the web. Ramy developed the idea for Snip.it during the Egyptian Arab Spring in 2011. With family living in Egypt, Ramy turned to Twitter and Facebook to share articles and updates about the revolution. He soon found that he had no real outlet for this information—his Twitter followers were much more interested in tech- and VC-related tweets rather than something so personal, and his Facebook friends were satisfied simply knowing his family was safe. This inability to collect and share content in a relevant, permanent and structured fashion fueled his inspiration to create a “scrapbook” where he could collect articles, images and videos and add his voice to them. Content curation is seeing explosive growth, and Ramy has married it with an unmet need for a place for people to share a variety of news and articles, as well as their opinions about them.

With 13,000 engaged users and growing, Snip.it is the perfect user-friendly curatorial/archival site for sharing anything and everything of interest to an individual. Ramy is a remarkably creative entrepreneur, and we have been extremely impressed with his commitment to a beautiful and useful product.

Ramy and Snip.it team, congratulations on this milestone in your journey!

Read more about Snip.it from TechCrunch, PandoDaily and VatorNews.


  • Very cool product. And Ramy is an extremely smart charming front man for his company. Great interview on Techcrunch.

    • by Pete Griffiths

    • on June 28, 2012

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