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Welcoming MobileSpan to True

Over the last several years, changes in mobile technology have had a profound impact on how we work and live, and we are on the precipice of another big shift as mobile begins to have a similar impact on the enterprise. This is especially true as workforces become more and more distributed and the need for employee productivity becomes more critical. One of the key drivers for the mobile enterprise is the growing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend, as employees drive the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace.

Enter MobileSpan, an extremely elegant solution that seamlessly plugs BYOD into existing corporate systems and extends the reach of enterprise productivity. With MobileSpan, employees can securely access company content anytime, anywhere and on any device—all while remaining fully integrated with existing company policies and standards.

In addition to their fantastic product, we’re also incredibly excited about the MobileSpan team, which is uniquely suited to address the problems of the next generation of mobile enterprise. CEO and Founder Nils Bunger is a proven entrepreneur, and Co-Founders Amit Joshi and Sanjeev Radhakrishnan were Google Founders’ Awards recipients who previously built Google Chrome’s security sandbox. Together, they have built scalable solutions that have served millions of users and thousands of enterprises.

Also notable is that MobileSpan was selected as one of the inaugural companies in the Alchemist Accelerator, an accelerator program exclusively for startups whose revenue comes from enterprises. MobileSpan is the second True portfolio company to come out of Alchemist, the first being SocialPandas. The MobileSpan team is poised to create something very exciting, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to join Alchemist, K9 Ventures and Greylock Partners in support of this promising company.

Nils and the entire MobileSpan team: welcome to True!

Read more about MobileSpan in the WSJ Venture Capital Dispatch, peHUB and VatorNews.

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