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We Are All at Founder Camp!

As the fourth iteration on a simple idea, we expect Founder Camp Spring 2011 to be the best to date. With small group dinners, breakout sessions, a handful of amazing speakers, and an emphasis on Founders Helping Founders, True Founder Camp is our way of bringing together our amazing community of portfolio CEOs & Founders, sharing ideas, and fostering more innovation. And of course, having a bit of fun!

Here are just a few snap shots from Founder Camp last September:

Krutal Desai {Sponge} and Jared Kim {WeGame}

Jason Reneau {Mindbites}, Christiaan Vorkink (True Ventures}, Howard Rosenberg {B-Stock Solutions}

John Burke {True Ventures}, Greg Veen {TypeKit}, Jeff Veen {TypeKit} and Alex Bard {Assistly}














Jack Moffitt {formerly of Collecta} and Jen Bekman {20×200}

David Soloff {Metamarkets}, Ryan Carver {TypeKit}, Tim Roberts {Fitbit}, Gerry Campbell {Collecta}

Dru Nelson and Tod Sacerdoti {both of BrightRoll}

Check back next Thursday for a round-up of photos and events from Founder Camp Spring 2011!


  • Nice quality pictures.

    Offtopic… but hey which camera & lens used?

  • I’m excited to speak on Sales 2.0, Inside Sales, and the future of selling this afternoon. Thank you for inviting us! Looking forward to meeting the founders!

    /Anneke Seley

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