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Hello, Brewster

Over the past six years, we’ve had the privilege of partnering with more than 200 talented Founders pursuing exciting ideas and a wide variety of technology applications, products and services. While their passions have ranged from commerce, to infrastructure, to social and beyond, one thread connects them all, and us to them: the power of our relationships.

Much more so than capital, relationships are the core currency of our business at True and the partnerships we create with our Founders. Relationships are the core of our firm—which is why Brewster is so special to us.

Today we congratulate True Founder Steve Greenwood on the launch of a product that’s all about relationships. It’s called Brewster, and today, the rest of the world gets to see what we’ve been so excited about for the past year.

Steve and his team at Brewster have built a personalized address book to help you access everyone you know in a whole new way. Their mobile app ties together all of your social networks and communication services to reinvent the traditional address book and give you a powerful and private way to understand and communicate with the people you know. You can search for people by name—or any other attribute, like their hometown. Or discover what’s happening in your network, including who’s trending and who you’re falling out of touch with. Or create favorites and lists to help you organize your relationships and browse more efficiently. It truly is a magical experience watching Brewster connect the dots as your relationships evolve.

And speaking of relationships, Steve has built a tremendous team with deep expertise in search, discovery, design and networks. They have been heads-down in their Broadway bunker creating a product that has the ability to churn through massive amounts of data quickly—after all, relationships are dynamic and complicated. But nobody has a deeper understanding of nor a stronger passion for relationships than Steve, which makes him the ideal leader of this talented group.

We believe that Brewster will change the way you use your mobile device—but even more so, it will change the way you understand your relationships. As the product launches today, we’re grateful for the chance we have had to build our own relationship with Steve and his team, and we look forward to continuing to use Brewster to better understand and engage the relationships we have with the people we know.

Check out coverage of the Brewster launch in the New York Times and download the app from the iTunes store.


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    • by Zachary

    • on July 12, 2012

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