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it’s still about the founders

Each year, we invite every Founder in the True portfolio to join us for a truly special day of sharing, learning and togetherness. The event is True Founder Camp, and since its inception in 2009, it has been a transformative experience for us at True and for our community of Founders. This year was no exception, as over 100 Founders gathered last Thursday in the Presidio to connect and learn from one another.






We hold Founder Camp¬†because every day we strive to deliver on our mission of making the world a better place for entrepreneurs, and we believe community is essential to the Founder experience. We do it because we know the most qualified people to provide advice and insight are the ones in the trenches every day, building companies. We do it because we think our Founders should have a phenomenal experience as a True-backed company.¬†We do it because there is nothing more magical and unifying than being in a room with 100 people just like you, and realizing you’re a part of something bigger.

We do it because we’ve been Founders ourselves, and we know that community makes all the difference. No one could explain it better than our own Om Malik in his beautiful post, “Founders & Importance of Friends.”

To our incredible Founders: thank you for making this year’s Founder Camp a truly magical day!

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