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Welcoming Soundhawk

Hearing is fundamental. Yet the world is getting noisier.

In this age of ringtones, music, video and even the antiquated voice call, we are nearly constantly bombarded by sound. Hundreds of millions of people are experiencing problems with hearing, particularly with the increase in ambient noise. For most of these people, there is no viable solution.

Why is hearing, a sense that is incredibly important to how we experience our world, not being addressed?

The answer is simple: current solutions are targeted toward people who have a persistent, medical impairment, rather than those who struggle in specific situations as a result of environmental noise.

Enter Soundhawk, an extraordinary new company that is combining an elegantly designed wearable device with the power of the smartphone to instantly personalize the hearing-related intricacies of one’s unique hearing profile and environment. Soundhawk Founder and serial entrepreneur Dr. Rodney Perkins saw an opportunity to create an entirely new market around sense augmentation, tunable by the end user with the flick of a finger and obtainable at an order-of-magnitude-lower price point.

It’s a problem Dr. Perkins has been waiting to solve for almost 15 years. And finally, the technology required for him to bring his dream to fruition exists. Dr. Perkins, a renowned entrepreneur of over a dozen successful startups, inventor, and founder of the California Ear Institute at Stanford, has dedicated his career to the study of hearing. Our first meeting with Dr. Perkins and Soundhawk CEO Mike Kisch was one of those “you know it when you see it” experiences. We knew we had to be a part of this innovative company and Dr. Perkins’ extraordinary vision.

From a team perspective, Soundhawk is the triple threat of hardware startups: Dr. Perkins has huge credibility and is one of the foremost domain experts in the world; Mike brings a wealth of experience in opening up new consumer markets; and VP of Engineering Steve Manser’s history at Apple, Palm, and HP brings deep domain expertise around supply chain and the engineering of complex hardware products at scale.

From a market perspective, the existing hearing aid market is already a $14 billion market—and the potential with Soundhawk is to create a market an order of magnitude larger than that. It’s a pattern we have seen with a number of other successful hardware startups we have partnered with: borrow some constructs from the past (Fitbit: pedometer, Makerbot: printer, littleBits: legos) but create and lead an entirely new market.

We are incredibly excited to be a part of Soundhawk’s mission to enable everyone to hear the world the way they want.

Rodney, Mike, Ted, Steve and the rest of the Soundhawk team: Welcome to True!

Read more about Soundhawk in today’s story from Brad Stone in Businessweek.


  • where does one find a store to purchase this new hearing aid ?

    • by peter bird

    • on December 15, 2013

  • I have poor hearing and when tested was told that I needed hearing aids. The problem is I am 70. Most people over 60 who probably need hearing aids refuse them and simply raise the volume of their conversation. My hearing aids muffle the sound to protect my ears from this amplification.
    Hearing aid manufacturers aren’t going to compete on price. It seems to be a vicious cycle.
    I am looking at Sound Therapy by Rafaele Joudry who claims hearing losses can be rehabilitated. If it works then I not need the hearing aids as much and the cost is only about $1500.00 maximum one time instead of $3000 per ear every three to five years.

    • by Chris Langguth

    • on December 15, 2013

  • I would like to be notified an aid can be purchased!
    Thank you

    • by William TAUB

    • on December 16, 2013

  • Please notify me when and where the product can be purchased when it comes on the market.

    Thank you.

    • by JH Robinson

    • on December 17, 2013

  • Sounds great. Let me know when I can buy one.

    Don Landis

    • by Donald Landis

    • on December 20, 2013

  • I have both a BS and MSE in Electrical Engineering from Princeton and have been wearing hearing aids for over 10 years. I have the best (I think) digital hearing aids made. I have tried the best of Widex and am now using those made by Phonak.

    I wish to try this new hearing device. Because of my technical knowledge and experience with hearing problems and hearing aids, I can give expert technical feedback on the performance of this device compared to the other hearing aids I have had for many year.

    I would like to purchase one set for testing and feedback.


    George Jay Lichtblau

    • by George Jay Lichtblau

    • on December 21, 2013

  • first shot fired by the person on my right side layed flat the hair follicles in my right ear blocking my ear from high pitched letters or sounds. also a constant ringing in my ear.As I got older it has really hindered my ability to understand anything going on in my right ear hemisphere.I am on my way to my 78 birthday and in very good physical shape. LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR REPLY

    • by arthur libman

    • on December 22, 2013

  • After reading the article in Business Week, it hit the nail on the head. I have farmed, and in a crowd is a big problem. I would like to receive more information when it is available. I live in Iowa, but can visit CA.

    • by Paul Mens

    • on December 22, 2013

  • Will like to be notified when the soundhawk become available for sale.

    • by Robert Walter

    • on December 29, 2013

  • Will like to be notified when the soundhawk becomes available.

    • by Robert Walter

    • on December 29, 2013

  • 1. Have you gone/going public yet?
    2. I’m a marketing and Sales Professional, can I distribute or represent your fine product?
    I’m fascinated by the information of your company as written in Bloomberg

    • by Bernie Milstein

    • on January 2, 2014

  • A friend told me when I started to purchase hearing aids to be prepared, that it was much like purchasing a used car. So True. Where and When will Sound Hawk be available?

    • by Kenneth Pace

    • on January 3, 2014

  • I am interested in purchasing the sound hawk. What is the purchase procedure?

    • by Robert

    • on January 7, 2014

  • You can stay updated on Soundhawk’s availability by signing up here: http://www.soundhawk.com/#signup

    • by liz

    • on January 7, 2014

  • You can stay updated on Soundhawk’s availability by signing up here: http://www.soundhawk.com/#signup

    • by liz

    • on January 7, 2014

  • You can stay updated on Soundhawk’s availability by signing up here: http://www.soundhawk.com/#signup

    • by liz

    • on January 7, 2014

  • I Have a moderate hearing loss but have a small ear canal which limits the type of hearing aid I can wear. My current Oticon aids are far from satisfactory, especially on the phone and in theaters
    and noisy environments. I would like to try your product if it is deemed suitable for my situation.

    • by Barbara Cerwin

    • on January 27, 2014

  • Please let me know when spec sheet and pricing and product is available.

    • by Leland Sayers

    • on January 29, 2014

  • How can I purchase this product? Please keep me advised. Thanks

    • by Carlos

    • on March 8, 2014

  • I am a retired Otolaryngologist with 35 years experience in Atlanta , Ga. I am board certified and had a long career at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta . I did hundreds of successful ear operations . I have had a significant high frequency hearing loss
    since I was given Streptomycin in 1990 . I could give your startup company needed endorsement by using your equipment and touting its merits . I live in Cashiers , N.C.
    I would be glad for you to contact me and discuss your product .

    • by ethan f staats md

    • on March 23, 2014

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