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Welcoming Hedvig

I am very excited to finally be able to publicly welcome Avinash Lakshman and his company, Hedvig, to the True Ventures portfolio. True led the seed investment in Hedvig three years ago, and it has been a joy to watch Avinash build an amazing product and, now, launch his company.

Avinash has invented, architected and designed some of the…

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Welcoming Gyroscope

As the self becomes more quantifiable and our activities more shareable, the need emerges for a single, beautiful platform for tracking and displaying all the data we collect throughout our lives. Enter Gyroscope, a personal website automatically powered by the different services that track your personal data. Gyroscope integrates with services like Fitbit, Strava, Foursquare, Instagram and RescueTime to build your…

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Welcoming Twin Prime

In today’s mobile-first Internet economy, every millisecond counts. Speed wins. Google won because of speed. Amazon won because of speed. The next Internet winners will be apps and services that most quickly and most intuitively get information into the palms of users’ hands.

To that end, we are very happy to introduce a new addition to the True Ventures…

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Working with Atoms: Thoughts on Building Next-Generation Connected Device Startups

In 2011, I attended my first Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. While there were a handful of startups scattered throughout the main expo floor, including True-backed Valencell and Makerbot, the majority of companies in attendance were the traditional consumer electronics manufacturers that have ruled the shelves of Best Buy for the past few decades.

After missing CES in 2013…

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