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Working with Atoms: Thoughts on Building Next-Generation Connected Device Startups

In 2011, I attended my first Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. While there were a handful of startups scattered throughout the main expo floor, including True-backed Valencell and Makerbot, the majority of companies in attendance were the traditional consumer electronics manufacturers that have ruled the shelves of Best Buy for the past few decades.

After missing CES in 2013…

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Welcoming NoRedInk

Writing is fundamental, and writing education is hurting: 73% of students in the U.S. are below proficient in writing. Grading English papers requires a huge amount of work from teachers, with their “red ink” corrections often going unnoticed or unread by students. Many times, the teacher drowning in work doesn’t have the bandwidth to always follow up on the…

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Congratulating Always Prepped

I am thrilled to announce that True portfolio company Always Prepped has been acquired by Portland-based educational technology company Alma. Alma provides schools with both a learning management system and a student information system, and Always Prepped’s data-driven technology will be an exciting addition to the Alma platform.

I have known Always Prepped Founder Fahad Hassan since 2007…

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Welcoming Jeff Veen

I still remember when I first met Jeff Veen, when he was not yet a close friend and colleague to me, but a generous designer in the room next door. Sphere, a company Toni Schneider and I co-founded, had just wrapped up our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and were ready to launch. This was in an era that…

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