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True Atoms

Last week, we hosted the first “True Atoms” event in Automattic’s office in San Francisco. The event brought together over 100 individuals from True-backed and other leading startup companies that sell physical products, and provided a forum for them to learn from top innovators, share best practices and connect with each other. Driven by the True Founder community, the event…

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The Magic of the Off-site

Every tribe, be it a business, a networking group or a family, needs focused time together to set goals, reflect on mission and spend time just being together. It’s how we dial down the noise of the outside world and connect with what is most important. It’s where dreams find the freedom to grow into big, audacious ideas. It’s…

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Om and Keila: How WhatsApp is Different

It has been over a week since Facebook announced its intentions to buy WhatsApp for about $19 billion (all told.) The news obviously generated a lot of debate and a lot of commentary filled the airwaves. The stock market more or less approved of the deal, giving Facebook stock and market capitalization the requisite bump it needed. I argued that it…

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Om Joins True Full-Time!

In 1999, I was interviewed by Forbes for a story about the company I co-founded with David Perry called Chemdex. I still remember the discussion the reporter and I had while sitting on a couch in the Chemdex startup space in Palo Alto. The reporter was tough, but I liked him; his name was Om Malik. That reporter later went on…

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