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Fundraising 101

Fundraising is one of the most difficult aspects of founding a company, and a process every Founder must go through—for better or for worse. But how do you know if you’re going about it the right way? How can you optimize for the best fundraising experience? As we always say at True, we believe the best answers to these questions…

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True Infrastructure Summit 2015 Wrap Up

Last week, we hosted the 2nd Annual True Infrastructure Summit in San Francisco.

For context, each year we host an event with the goal of bringing together a curated group of senior infrastructure leaders to share best practices and knowledge, and to discuss the future of technology in a private, safe setting. This year’s group included 32 Founders of emerging…

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Congratulating Apcera

This morning, Ericsson announced that is has acquired a majority stake in True portfolio company Apcera. This is an incredible partnership for both companies and we are thrilled for Founder Derek Collison and the rest of the Apcera team. Apcera will continue to operate as a standalone company with Ericsson committing significant funding for Apcera’s technology and global…

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Virtual Reality: A Place for Us All

A piece published in April in the MIT Technology Review discussed the Oculus Rift and its many, many applications beyond video games—teleconferencing, online shopping, movies and more. But Philip Rosedale, Founder of True portfolio company High Fidelity, thinks that the world of virtual reality will be even bigger, changing the way we experience our everyday lives—our social…

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