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How Founders Hire

Hiring can make or break a company. From the first few critical team members to senior leadership further down the road, knowing how and when to hire is a vital skill every Founder must learn. And as we always say at True, the best people to learn from are other Founders. Below, three True Founders weigh in on hiring lessons…

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Welcoming Health Gorilla

One of the most exciting aspects of being an investor today is witnessing firsthand the power and swiftness of a computing platform shift. Every day, we see mobile computing disrupt, dismantle or otherwise change some of the largest industries in our world. It is remarkable because of its subtlety and grassroots force. Each of us, individually, has decided to go…

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Welcoming ATHOS

One of the newest companies in the True portfolio—ATHOS—announced their Series B funding this morning, and we are thrilled to welcome the company and Co-Founders Dhananja (DJ) Jayalath and Chris Wiebe to True.

ATHOS makes the world’s first smart clothing that can measure specific muscle activations, heart rate and breathing. With technology two to three years ahead of big…

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Stone Soup and Senior Hires

Stone Soup is a common folk story that has been told throughout history in many different languages. The picture book version by Marcia Brown was first published in 1947 and is a nighttime favorite with my kids. It’s a story I love for many reasons, including its enterprising spirit and its timeless lessons on leadership and cooperation.


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